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Re: New Here, Unzipping VS Opening and Dragging

Posted by Danielle on .
If you drag the file out of the archive and into another directory, that is the same as unzipping the archive.

Streaming uses more resources than playing the game without streaming and also hooks into graphics drivers. Depending on your system, this can cause stutters and other issues. I would recommend switching from Project64 to RMG or Simple64, especially if you're on an older version of Project64. Project64 version 1.6 in particular is vulnerable to a remote code execution exploit.

In reply to: New Here, Unzipping VS Opening and Dragging posted by TMade on .
New to emulation but been having a lot of fun lately!
Quick General question: If I open the zip file and drag the ISO to my game directory, does that work just as well as unzipping and dragging to the directory?

I did it both ways and can't notice much of a difference.
I DID notice that for Dolphin I can stream on discord no problem (unzipped and dragged ISOs). But for Project64, the screen stutters and rapidly flips vertically when I try to stream but not when I don't stream (didn't unzip / just opened zip file and dragged to directory).

Thank you!