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Re: MGS: Legacy Collection on PS3 mislabelled

Posted by Danielle on .
The Legacy Collection entry is mislabeled, but only because it only includes Disc 2 and not both discs. Disc 2 of the Legacy Collection is in fact a copy of the HD Collection alongside motion comic versions off the MGS graphic novels. MGS1 was never on the disc for the Legacy Collection, and the box included voucher codes for a digital copy. MGS4 was included on the first disc of the Legacy Collection, which is missing from the game's entry in the Vault, but you can still download MGS4 from the Vault, you just have to go to that game's individual entry.

In reply to: MGS: Legacy Collection on PS3 mislabelled posted by Z_B_ on .
I am not sure if this is a mistake or not but Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection for PS3 when downloaded and uploaded to my Jailbroken PS3 just played the HD collection, I double checked I had uploaded the Legacy Collection folder from the site and I did upload Legacy collection and it just provided HD collection onto my Jailbroken PS3. I havent used these boards before so I don't know how to upload images for proof that it is giving the wrong game but you can check for yourselves and tell me if it is incorrect like it is for me. I just thought this is a mistake because I had read the manual for Legacy collection before downloading it to see which games it included and it states it includes 1, 2, 3, PW, and 4 which HD only includes 2, 3, and pw so I believe that the posted Legacy Collection has been mislabelled.