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Posted by Danielle on .
I know that you can't play them when they're compressed. The solution is to unzip the games that you want to play. Storage space and bandwidth aren't free, and in my experience, people tolerate having to unzip the file to play it when it means they don't have to wait twice as long to download it.

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thats the only way when you compress it messes it up for me making the game itself useless to the point i cant play it works as it is intended in its original size not everyone can play it when the file is compressed especially when your playing games with bigger files the bigger the files and you compress it intends to not let the game work making it useless maybe your all great at compressing or changing its size to fit your standards but it becomes worthless to me it dont work in compressed form and I am not that great at changing it to try and bring back the original file once it gets compressed its lost to me making the game un playable I need it in its complete form to work

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