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Re: Wha'ts going on with Saturn's emulation?

Posted by Danielle on .
IDK what is happening with Kronos, but the CMake file for Windows is still there, so compiling it for Windows should still be pretty straightforward.

Which Libretro core are you using? If you're using Beetle Saturn (the Retroarch name for Mednafen's Saturn core) then you need the proper BIOS file in the system folder, otherwise nothing will load.

Using Beetle Saturn and with the BIOS in place, Saturn games work fine for me on Retroarch.

In reply to: Wha'ts going on with Saturn's emulation? posted by IlikeFruits on .
Hello there.

We wanted to give it another try to the Saturn emulation but Kronos was partially removed from github, what I mean is that .exe's for Windows are going, only thing remaining there are the source code and binaries for Ubuntu.
Not that Kronos was very stable and reliable but it was the best we have for that system.

Version 2.7 something was out but it has been downgraded to 2.6.1

Also, none of the RetroArch's cores for Saturn are working anymore, they just don't load content.