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Re: Jame's Cameron's Avatar Performance Issues

Posted by Danielle on .
The PS3 IDU firmware would only make things worse. IDU means interactive display unit, and that's the firmware used on PS3s that were installed as kiosks for customers to interact with before buying the console or games. It's not fully compatible with retail software.

All you need is the latest firmware downloaded from Sony's servers. If you're using RPCS3, then you should have it already if you followed the setup guide. If you're using a physical PS3, then you should have it if you connected the PS3 to the Internet, although I'm not sure if that might interfere with any console mods, so be sure to check the modding guide first if you're using a modded console.

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Sorry for the extra post! I did some more searching and found a fix. Sorry! Thank you.

I'm still curious about the Firmware updates if you can tell me what folder I'm supposed to put those in if I need them.