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Re: Favourite Linux distros?

Posted by IlikeFruits on .
I'm using Ubuntu, don't like it because of Canonical.

I'm thinking about Zorin, Vanilla, Qubes or Tails.

Zorin seems nice, I'll like to pay the pro version just to support it, Vanilla is immutable although I think is still on the beta, Qubes and Tails are supposed to be more secure, not that nice-looking to me.

I'm still looking around, there are so many distros that surely someone here knows one I don't.

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What's the distro you're using now and why don't you like it? What do you want out of a GUI? What kind of security do you need?

"Nice-looking" is subjective, and there's usually pretty direct ways of swapping out the interface or applying custom themes for any distro. Security is more about your own personal habits and requirements than about which Linux distro you choose. And reliability is usually best ensured by picking a relatively mainstream distro that won't suddenly drop support because it's compiled by a team of three volunteers or something.

A Debian-based Linux is probably your safest bet in terms of widespread availability of software and long-term support. You probably don't want to run Debian itself though, since it's not very user-friendly. Ubuntu, Mint, and Pop!_OS are good Debian-based choices for regular use cases.

Fedora is a classic distro, and also Linus Torvald's favorite distro. Fedora began as a fork of Red Hat Linux when that distro was discontinued, and continues to be sponsored by the Red Hat Project. CentOS and Red Hat Enterprise are both based on Fedora.

Arch is probably not what you want, since it's a minimalistic distro that is more command line based than your average distro. Its main draw is its use of a rolling release update scheme where updates are provided as they are finished rather than making you wait for discrete versions to be released before receiving new features and improvements. Manjaro and SteamOS are both built on Arch, and are probably better choices if you like friendly GUIs.

I could go on all day about all the random distros out there. If you have any more specific requirements, feel free to describe them.

Re: Favourite Linux distros?
Danielle -- 5/18/2024 12:53 pm UTC