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Re: Favourite Linux distros?

Posted by Danielle on .
Zorin is based on Ubuntu, and I don't see any reason why you'd pick it over something like Mint or Pop!_OS. I don't want to call it a scam, but it really feels like a scam to me. Every feature they advertise on their site exists for any Debian-based distro. To me, it's just another entry in a long line of people trying to profit off of open source software by bamboozling people who don't know any better. If you think you want Zorin, just go with Mint instead. Mint's based on Debian but not Ubuntu and it does all the same things.

Vanilla is also another reskinned Ubuntu, but immutable. If you want the immutability but not Ubuntu, you could try NixOS instead.

Qubes provides security by running everything in a VM. Tails provides security by routing all network data through Tor and requiring admin access to write anything to the drive. If you run the Whonix template on Qubes, you can run everything through Tor on Qubes as well. I wouldn't recommend Tor for daily use. Tor is very slow and you'll have trouble using most modern websites and Internet-connected software while using it. The benefit of Tor is that, if you use it right, you'll be anonymous and untraceable. Most of the time you probably don't need to be anonymous or untraceable. If you're not the type of person who would be directly targeted by hackers, then you probably don't need the level of security provided by something like Qubes or Tails.

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I'm using Ubuntu, don't like it because of Canonical.

I'm thinking about Zorin, Vanilla, Qubes or Tails.

Zorin seems nice, I'll like to pay the pro version just to support it, Vanilla is immutable although I think is still on the beta, Qubes and Tails are supposed to be more secure, not that nice-looking to me.

I'm still looking around, there are so many distros that surely someone here knows one I don't.