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Graphicscard needed when using a cpu without?

Posted by IlikeFruits on .
Hello there.

This question may seemed self-answer but! I'm new to building my pcs.

I'm planning to build a hopefully dirt cheap pc because is meant only for web browsing, emails, opening PDFs, writing docs and spreadsheets while using a Linux distro. Is that simple but I want to build it so no mini pc, laptop, chromebook, etc.

Question is: If I go for an AMD CPU from the 3000s - 4000s series, without integrated graphics. Do I absolutely need a modest GPU for the pc to turn... on?

AsRock says that I do for those, at leat a modest VGA GPU for their motherboards...

In my previous build, didn't needed it, but that was using a 5600G for very light gaming.


Re: Graphicscard needed when using a cpu without?
Danielle -- 5/24/2024 12:28 pm UTC