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Re: News: June 5, 2024

Posted by Lozicle on .
I'm sympathetic to Vimm here. It could be trolls, but is it worth risking if it isn't? It's best to just comply and lay low.
Still, looking through what's been removed and what hasn't, there are some weird gaps. For example, Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest games are gone, but plenty of other Square Enix games aren't? Mega Man games are gone, but they missed The Misadventures of Tron Bonne. There's plenty of Disney games still available, like Castle of Illusion and Epic Mickey, the latter of which is getting a re-release soon. Speaking of, the Pikmin, Halo, and Spyro series are still available on here despite all having versions you can buy on modern platforms (though it's important to preserve the originals regardless). You'd think Nintendo and the ESA would wanna go after those.
It all seems suspicious to me, but again, I don't blame Vimm for removing them, and I understand if they're really gone for good (from this site at least).

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Vimm's Lair has been asked to remove many games from The Vault on behalf of Nintendo, Sega, Lego, and the ESA. While most of these games (and the hardware to play them) haven't been sold in decades, ultimately it's their prerogative so these games are now gone for good.

Re: News: June 5, 2024
Danielle -- 6/6/2024 11:20 pm UTC