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Re: News: June 5, 2024

Posted by Keeby219 on .
I too registered just to say this but, while I do agree with you that people shouldnt be attacking Vimm over this, people are just upset that he's falling for what's obviously a fake DMCA claim. How do we know this? Well, and you can even check this for yourself too, one of the games taken down on this very site is a racing game for the Wii called "Super Sonic Racer" now, despite it's title it has nothing to do with the Sonic franchise and even less to do with Sega who have claimed to have taken it down despite them never working on the game at all.

There plenty of other examples of this on this site aswell and if stuff like that isn't direct evidence that the take downs being issued are fake then i don't know what is because i get legal threats are scary but some fact check is clearly not being done here, nothing aganist you Vimm if you're reading this btw.

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Ok I had to register just to say I am TIRED of the "Oh its just trolls" ungrateful pieces of... people. Do you run the site? No. Do you put all the work into this? No. Are you the one in legal danger? No. SO SHUT THE HARD F UP. People coming on here to attack Vimm to "Not back down" and "what a loser". Fine then. Go ahead and create your own site and host everything and lets see how YOU handle these takedowns that can have serious legal implications. Vimm, thank you for doing what you do and if it IS trolls, sorry you have to deal with this.

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