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Re: News: June 5, 2024

Posted by noretem on .
Look. I get it. The fact that it is fake does not matter. He has to take these seriously. So what, he should listen to everyone here and put everything back up and risk legal action? Is that what people really want? Then people will come back and be like "Bro should've taken this seriously".

I understand people are upset, but come on guys lay off Vimm. I come from the generation where these games people are complaining about came out when I was a kid. I have been following emulation since the scene started. Vimms site is truly one of the last great websites out there. I also do not want to see it go. But I am also not going to try to give him bad legal advice and attack him on a personal level. He has to do what will protect him. Simple as that.

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I too registered just to say this but, while I do agree with you that people shouldnt be attacking Vimm over this, people are just upset that he's falling for what's obviously a fake DMCA claim. How do we know this? Well, and you can even check this for yourself too, one of the games taken down on this very site is a racing game for the Wii called "Super Sonic Racer" now, despite it's title it has nothing to do with the Sonic franchise and even less to do with Sega who have claimed to have taken it down despite them never working on the game at all.

There plenty of other examples of this on this site aswell and if stuff like that isn't direct evidence that the take downs being issued are fake then i don't know what is because i get legal threats are scary but some fact check is clearly not being done here, nothing aganist you Vimm if you're reading this btw.