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Re: News: June 5, 2024

Posted by cannon9009 on .
It definitely stinks of copyright trolling. Why would Nintendo care if Vimm has screenshots of Wario Land 1 on the site, but then not bother to be consistent with the series and allow Wario Land 2 to stay up, ROMs and all? Kirby's Dream land is also on there; one of Nintendo's best selling GameBoy tiles. It doesn't make any sense...

In reply to: Re: News: June 5, 2024 posted by denko on .
Vimm, you do know that these are most likely some idiots using a copyright protection service to troll people, right? If it really is the Big N (which I doubt) then so long and thanks for all the fish. But you should still try to get these games back up somehow. Maybe keep the roms on the server (so when you go to the link to download it, it still works), but make the download button say "unavailable by copyright request" to see if that'll make the trolls happy. I dunno.

Another solution, to paraphrase another message on the bbs, would be for one of the site members who lives in a country far looser on copyright laws, to buy a server and host all the banned roms. But how long would that last? Practically no time at all, given that several of the iPad kids who caused this mess with Delta are probably lurking on this very message board as I type this, and would flock to the new site till the exact same situation happens.

What do you guys think, will he ever be able to put the games back up somehow? Like it's way easier to just bow down to whoever the hell it is just in case it is them, but on the other hand I HEAVILY doubt they would do this out of nowhere.