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Posted by DDubs on .
You fool.

This isn't 2010 anymore. This isn't the wild west era of the internet. Any 30-second Google search can find a piracy website and companies like Nintendo aren't stupid. The only reason they weren't taking it down before is because back in 1997, these games weren't wanted. They couldn't sell them. They were old. "8-bit". "2D". "Junk". Even 10 years ago, retro gaming was not as lucrative a market as it is today. But now, Nintendo and SEGA think that these games, despite being 30+ years old, are worth selling back to you at $5 a pop. Now, these piracy websites are in their way.

This is not the work of DMCA trolls. This is the work of corporations who have abused, and will continue to abuse, copyright law for the last 100 years. They don't deserve the benefit of the doubt, and they don't deserve respect. In a just world, EVERY game released before 1997 would be in the public domain right now.

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after reading some of these comments, it's weird how people are saying that Delta and emulators are the cause for the shutdown but the last time Vimm pointed it out was on April 19, and only now is Nintendo taking action. For what I know, nintendo would take action faster than before the person even clicks the upload button. so i found it odd for it to just dissapear almost instant, im guessing its just some troll people like to do because they think its "funny". but when you did it to a website that has been up since 1997, and had Thousands of games for people to enjoy for nostalgia really Pisses me off. i hate people who are like this just because they think its funny.

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