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Re: News: June 5, 2024

Posted by Danielle on .
The timing isn't random. Delta was just put on the App Store leading to tons of noobs getting into emulation for the first time, and they quickly learned that Vimm had ROMs so they linked to Vimm all over social media, putting a huge target on its back. Plus, AI tools to automate takedown requests have become the New Thing for rights holders to use, whereas before each takedown request had to be done at least partially by human workers who only have so much time and energy.

The ESA can act on behalf of its member corporations if it has been empowered to do so. A DMCA takedown request doesn't need to be filed by the rights holders personally, and for requests from big corporations, these things are almost always delegated to third parties. In all likelihood, Markmonitor and the ESA both came to the big game companies saying "hey, we have this new automatic tool for finding copyright infringing content and sending takedown requests, do you want us to use it to protect your content?" and a good number of them said "sure, that sounds fine". They have nothing to lose by saying yes, and it seems like the tool works pretty well for its purpose.

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Dude… I think you might’ve fallen for another fake DMCA. Nintendo, I completely get. Lego, same to a lesser degree. Now, Sega is where I think something’s up. I don’t think they’ve EVER taken down roms, LIKE EVER. And the ESA?! The Entertainment Software Association?! I don’t even think they have the RIGHT to make copyright claims, THEY DON’T EVEN OWN ANY OF THE GAMES HERE. So yeah, you’ve duped once again dude. Frankly, no disrespect, but as soon as Sega or the ESA stepped in, you should’ve known something was up