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Re: News: June 5, 2024

Posted by Danielle on .
Why wouldn't Nintendo accept a deal from a third party copyright monitoring service to use a crappy automated "AI" tool to shotgun blast DMCA requests to ROM sites? AI is the new tech buzzword and CEOs love it. Markmonitor and the ESA aren't nobodies. They're well-established figures in the online copyright scene and they wouldn't send requests if they weren't authorized to act on behalf of rights holders.

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This is all very strange. Why would Nintendo remove a game like Donkey Kong Land 3, but not Kirby's Dream Land? Why on earth would they care if a website has the box art and a couple random screenshots of Wario Land, but not dare touch Wario Land 2's entry? This reeks of a copyright troll.

Re: News: June 5, 2024
noretem -- 6/7/2024 2:41 pm UTC