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Re: News: June 5, 2024

Posted by noretem on .

In the day and age of "AI" why is everyone ready to jump to conspiracy theories and trolls and not think about this: Maybe it looks strange because this is AI's first time doing all this. Its buggy and of course it will miss things. No one wants to look at that angle and instead its "tRoLlS", just to try to convince someone to break the law and put games back up so they can finish downloading.

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Why wouldn't Nintendo accept a deal from a third party copyright monitoring service to use a crappy automated "AI" tool to shotgun blast DMCA requests to ROM sites? AI is the new tech buzzword and CEOs love it. Markmonitor and the ESA aren't nobodies. They're well-established figures in the online copyright scene and they wouldn't send requests if they weren't authorized to act on behalf of rights holders.