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Re: Don't Give In, Vimm.

Posted by Excalibastard on .
Not quite as easy as that. Pretty sure if Vimm had anything to do with hosting the affected games again he would still be personally liable in the USA for doing it. He himself would have to renounce his citizenship and move to the copyright-lawless country along with the website servers to be completely immune.

"Ninten-dog water"

In reply to: Don't Give In, Vimm. posted by darkmasterjake on .
Enough is enough with these greedy corporate degenerates. Do what you have to, to survive. But, whatever it takes, find a way to make the site complete again. Host in a foreign country, make it private/invite only..etc. Whatever it takes, We can not let these a-holes win. Retro gaming and emulation is our right.