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Re: PCSX2, Dolphin and Duckstation won't start

Posted by Danielle on .
Have you tried uninstalling them and reinstalling them?

If you're getting Windows errors outside of the emulators, you probably have bigger issues. You should run a full virus scan to make sure you don't have any infections.

If you go into Recovery mode, you can check if you have any system restore backups from before the issues started occurring. You could also try resetting your PC if all else fails.

In reply to: PCSX2, Dolphin and Duckstation won't start posted by IlikeFruits on .
Hello there.

Haven't used emulators for the past... two weeks maybe but I try to keep them up to date anyways however those 3 just won't start up...

When I turnoff this Windows machine an error appears on screen a few times, since it lasted only about a second I couldn't catch it on time not even with photo or video but maybe that has something to do with it?

It's just those 3, any other emulator or game store work just fine.

Please help, thank you.