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Re: News: June 5, 2024

Posted by Danielle on .
If it were domain spoofing, then when Vimm replied to the email, they wouldn't have replied back saying "yes, the takedown is real, please remove the links".

Anyone can send an email with whatever address they want in the "sender" field. That's just an artifact of email predating modern encryption. There are techniques for making email more secure and modern email services like Gmail will use them, but I don't know what kinds of filters Vimm's self-hosted email server has.

In any case, if someone replies to a spoofed email, then that reply is sent to the address in the email's sender field. So when Vimm replied to the email, that reply got sent to the real, meaning the real Markmonitor received the reply. So if the DMCA takedown requests were fake, why then would the real Markmonitor say the requests were real?

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Could be domain spoofing