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Re: People Who Type Like This

Posted by DerpySnake on .
Honestly, I completely forgot people typed like that, it's been that long since I've seen it. I wonder why now.

In reply to: People Who Type Like This posted by natethegreat on .
It really just gets on my nerves. like you could talk in all lowercase, OR ALL IN UPPERCASE, But Why Like This?

The last time I checked, words that don't start the sentence aren't supposed to be capitalized (unless they're a proper noun). But that's only a small part. People who write like that also don't use proper punctuation. They either end sentences at a wrong place, or make tons of run-on sentences.

Like for example, which sentence do you think sounds (or looks since you're reading this) the worst?

1. I slept peacefully last night.
2. i went shopping with my friends.
4. The Olympic Jumper Jumped Over The Hurdle

You picked the last one didn't you? If you didn't just pretend you did. It just looks wrong y'know?

Anyways my point is that you don't have to press the Caps Lock key every time you're moving to a new word. I'm also asking if I'm alone on this one, and I'm just the Captain of the Grammar Police.