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Re: Nintendo Sucks

Posted by MacUser2 on .
They aren't losing money over games that most modern players completely ignore in favor of the latest sequels. There's so many reviews out there calling classic games dated or say that it's only good for it's time period. Meanwhile I've been trying to collect older carts which got a lot harder now that prices skyrocketed. Dang resellers going into used game stores with their phones comparing prices are hurting the retro gaming community. Roms are the way to go and Nintendo should look into selling them to people who can afford them. Not expensive or anything, Wii prices worked fine. I'm guessing it's a Disney Vault situation where they wanna keep them locked away so they can charge for them multiple times.

In reply to: Nintendo Sucks posted by BardiX on .
BOO! I'll emulate your games somewhere else just to cost you millions of dollars, or whatever you believe you'll lose over some old games