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Re: Probably Shouldn't Namedrop Alternatives

Posted by Danielle on .
Vimm has always distanced itself from both current-gen and last-gen ROMs. That's why there's no 3DS or Wii U, for instance.

In reply to: Re: Probably Shouldn't Namedrop Alternatives posted by TrueGB on .
Sadly, I don't think there is anything we can do about Switch ROMs. That one is firmly in their cross hairs and it's bad form to emulate a currently active console anyway, and it would still be bad form if the Switch 2 is fully backwards compatible with the Switch. Vimm and others should just distance themselves from Switch stuff.

Everything else though was 10+ years old and nearly impossible to find or play anymore, although I did question Vimm about the risk of listing games from the 360/PS3 generation which have seen remasters and re-releases.