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Re: Probably Shouldn't Namedrop Alternatives

Posted by zayl on .
I dont think it matters; the elite is using AI (artificial intellegince) most limely and will in my opinion try and get everysite. Your every move on the interent is data and someone is gathering that lol. Its just a matter of time

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TL;DR: Lay low and don't namedrop alternative archival sites or sources on this site, or they may get taken down in the future.

The eye of Sauron is on VL right now, and I would expect that legal entities are combing the boards looking for additional domains to include in a mass DMCA takedown, should they go full Hollywood on the emulation scene.

I personally believe that that's the next step since 1) past-gen games are in direct competition with their newest, crappy products, 2) companies always want access control over their IPs, both active and inactive, and 3) videogames and modding/emulation are one of the last bastions of consumer freedom in the digital space, which of course means they must be crushed.

Am I just being paranoid? Maybe, but damn near all industries have had some sort of clamp down or attempt at restricting consumer choice/ownership (just look at the car industry and changes being made there), and I'd rather just play it safe.

Re: Probably Shouldn't Namedrop Alternatives
MacUser2 -- 6/21/2024 9:44 pm UTC