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Re: If it's an A.I

Posted by midnightstrike on .
No, if Vimm does anything to evade their request the people behind the site could be dragged into court and sued for all they are worth. Then if they continued to pull stunts like what you suggested it would be seen as evading a court order. There are many eyes on Vimm's Lair right now - the best thing to do at this point is lay low. There are other places - which shall remain unnamed - to get ROMs.

In reply to: If it's an A.I posted by kingoyster on .
If this is the work of an automated system (which is probably is all things considered) then what if all the names of the games left untouched had their characters shifted around or made to use special characters instead, such as Sonic turning into S0n!c, to see if that helps curb away bots?