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Re: it may be fake

Posted by simonox on .
Nah, it's pretty weird, because if this really was the ESA then why leave a ton of IP's still up. Why is Pikmin up? And Animal Crossing? Why is Resident Evil down but not Biohazard? They hit a bunch of Mega Man games but not Rockman? Tons of Sonic Titles but not Shadow the Hedgehog? F-Zero and Star Fox games are still up, as is Luigi's Mansion. No, the ESA can be sloppy, but this is too sloppy. This smells of a troll bot, similar to one not long ago. Remember, that one did succeed, so trolls are probably encouraged, and trolls trying to ruin emulator sites are more common than people think. Whenever there is anything people on the internet likes, someone will inevitably want to ruin it for their own enjoyment.

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The ESA represents a large number of video game corporations. It's not weird.

Re: it may be fake
Danielle -- 6/18/2024 1:10 am UTC