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Posted by simonox on .
I don't know, because if it is, it was a poor job. The ESA and these companies wouldn't just settle for such specific keywords. If it was Nintendo, this site wouldn't be up now. They don't do single takedowns, they go scorched earth on places like VL. I mean, look at what hasn't been taken down. Pikmin is still up, as is Animal Crossing, two IPs of Nintendo. Resident Evil is down, but not Biohazard? Same with Mega Man games as the Rockman games are still up. Sonic games are gone, but not Shadow the Hedgehog? Halo is still up, and no way ESA would miss that. Why is Wario World and Luigi's Mansion still up if they where protecting IPs? Tons of Namco games are gone, but not the Namco Collections? Nor Namco X Capcom? X-Men Legends is still up and that's Activision. Tekken is down but not a bunch of the Tekken spin-offs?

There is just too many inconsistencies. It could be a bot, but if the bot went off keywords then why did it miss a bunch of games that has the keywords? If it was ESA then why ignore a bunch of IPs? And why are a ton of these not from the ESA but from individual companies? Nintendo went for Pokémon, but not Pocket Monster? Not striking down Star Fox and F-Zero? Animal Crossing? And again, if it really was Nintendo, Vimm's Lair wouldn't even be up by now. They're too much of a threat, nothing stops Vimm from just reuploading and Nintendo can't have that. They have always gone all out removal, why put on the silk gloves now?

Maybe it really is just the ESA being a bunch of cunts, wouldn't be the first time. But I have also seen shit like this before, and nearly every time it's just a bot from some troll who can't have people be happy because they can't be happy if they don't ruin things for others. There's just to many misses for this to be the job of a professional company just looking for profits.

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You fool.

This isn't 2010 anymore. This isn't the wild west era of the internet. Any 30-second Google search can find a piracy website and companies like Nintendo aren't stupid. The only reason they weren't taking it down before is because back in 1997, these games weren't wanted. They couldn't sell them. They were old. "8-bit". "2D". "Junk". Even 10 years ago, retro gaming was not as lucrative a market as it is today. But now, Nintendo and SEGA think that these games, despite being 30+ years old, are worth selling back to you at $5 a pop. Now, these piracy websites are in their way.

This is not the work of DMCA trolls. This is the work of corporations who have abused, and will continue to abuse, copyright law for the last 100 years. They don't deserve the benefit of the doubt, and they don't deserve respect. In a just world, EVERY game released before 1997 would be in the public domain right now.