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Re: If it's an A.I

Posted by MacUser2 on .
They could be using AI to cure cancer but nooooooo

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It is an AI. Yea. I'm pretty sure of it from personal experience.

The thing with AI is the last DMCA model that was leaked to TOR in 2020-2021 could actually deciper special characters as well as pass around 70% of captcha/human tests. Sadly the leak had every one who worked on it terminated for breaching NDA since there was no solid proof of who posted it. It did set back the DMCA bot removal process by years though so they are heros.

The thing with AI is the old model's weakness was it only delved so deep into the file structures. This site, as well as some of the other sites out there has enough directories leading to down loads that the AI wouldn't ever reach the downloads their self to issue takedowns.

Opperating AI isn't free. It has a fairly high cost. From processing power, electricity, bandwith, registration fees, inspection and compliance fees, liscense fees and other expenses. The upcoming EU regulations is going to make things all the worse for AI and I'm thankful for that. Digging DEEP on any given website is a net loss, especially for content and items that is not currently loss protected or for sell, which is why there has not been much in the way of AI attacks up to this point. The ones opperating it is doing so with the idea it will protect current profit content from my previous experience.

I'd hazard to go so far as to say there was likely expenses related to these takedowns that is a net loss and a result of testing a improved AI model after the previous one was rendered basically unusable. Depending on the goals it could be considered a failure.

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