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Re: What Dreamcast game do you recommend?

Posted by MacUser2 on .
Virtua Tennis because it also has a bunch of extra modes to make the game more fun. It's more than just the Tennis part. Zombie Revenge and Dynamite Cop are great beat em ups. Coaster Works lets you build your own roller coasters but man does it eat up your VMU's memory blocks like a mother! Worms World Party is super addicting. Toy Commander is a lot of fun. There's a Christmas Demo for it too that has a unique mission where you need to find all the presents in the house. That's on another disc if you can track it down.

In reply to: What Dreamcast game do you recommend? posted by stupidgamer201 on .
I've been getting into the Sega Dreamcast lately, and want to try out some of the heavy hitters & hidden gems.
Are there any Dreamcast games you recommend I play?