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Re: Maybe he'll sneak them back on eventually?

Posted by MacUser2 on .
Yeah i already hit the limit on my terrabyte hardrive and that's just up to PS-One and PS2 stuff! (I got a lot of Dreamcast too) OG XBOX i still need to catch up on as well as all the Sega CD stuff, but again, i need more memory! lol I got a lot of Gamecube and N64, pretty much all of SNES and NES as well as Game Boy and Game Boy Color, need some more GBA until that's complete. DS and 3DS files are bigger so there's that. I can't even bother with Wii U. My potato PC can't run them correctly. I tried BOTW and it froze on the first tower activated after running like mud up to that point.

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Hi there fellow retro gamers! I honestly cannot believe this is happening already and I should have save as much when I had the chance but my crummy pc had limited dowload space so Im unable to download at the time. Now Im trying to unclog and clean out so I can save more before they're "gone for good" like what site owner said.

Ironically, the site owner never responded to comments regarding the situation but I can see he is trying to avoid bringing up the topic Im sure it hit him hard after he got their message the day before he update the news.