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Re: Does anybody have the following? just read my

Posted by MacUser2 on .
(C)heck out some other rom sites for those games, you'd be surprised what you find!
(D)o you know that Dolphin can run both GameCube and Wii as well as WiiWare?
(ROMANCE) of The Three Kingdoms is a great strategy series that i highly recommend!

In reply to: Does anybody have the following? just read my list posted by johngamesavior on .
Hi. I recently found out the site no longer gives 1st party Nintendo or Sega games. Im not sure what other companies asked to take down around here. I can only think of what I want from the site that was here before. Anyway just read my list of games I should have got when it was here at the time!

New Super Mario Bros - DS

Pokemon Pearl - DS

Pokemon Heart Gold - DS

fire emblem shadow dragon - ds

fire emblem mystery of the emblem (shadow dragon 2) - ds

I do not collect Wii or Wii U games but I do plan to convert some Wii games to work on Gamecube emulator if I could find a expert who can do this but in the meantime I want

Smash Bros Brawl - Wii

Excitetruck - Wii

Pokepark 1 - Wii

Donkey Kong Returns - Wii

Kirby Returns to Dreamland - Wii

Punch Out - Wii

Metroid Other M - Wii

I already got most of the gc and n64 games in the past before this incident with Vimm but I didnt get

Pikmin 1 - gamecube

Mario Sunshine - Gamecube

Animal Crossing - Gamecube

Mario Tennis - Gamecube

Wario World - Gamecube

You could send them to me via mediafire link or dropbox link whichever works best for you.

Thats all the games I could think of for now thanks!