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Re: Is this a copyright troll or something?

Posted by Thatbachus on .
It's usually a bad idea to give away stuff in an illegal way and then tell everyone in the world where it is. It's not Vimm's fault but I hope to god anyone seeing this doesn't find another site and share to everyone in the world: "HEY GUY'S, HERE'S A SITE WITH FREE DOWNLOADS OF POPULAR GAMES!!! PLEASE VISIT US AND SPREAD IT EVERYWHERE FOR EVERYONE TO SEE! NOTHING WILL GO WRONG!"

In reply to: Re: Is this a copyright troll or something? posted by Ohthatthing on .
Makes sense to me. I have seen this on really old websites decades long ago where some ESA games were up while others were not and this was way back when the ESA was called the IDSA. Plus why is it that people keep spreading disinfo about those romsites listed? Emupardise took itself down since the owner got spooked and was tired of fighting DMCA on his own site as he wrote in his final post and feared others coming after it, not just Nintendo. Loveroms (hadn't seen retroroms) had certain types of systems behind a paywall along with the Nintendo style presentation that didn't help. I mean Nintendo did call them "unfair competition" for a reason. I remember being very annoyed to see them charging for premium service months before Nintendo went after them, and Rom Universe did the same damn thing by offering premium services for certain games behind a paywall too along with the insane hubris of the dude that still was running the website early into the lawsuit and thinking he is going to win in court over monetizing Nintendo games. I don't think most people never been to those places to know this while I did long before those lawsuits. I didn't even download anything from there since I was disgusted by people monetizing stuff that they didn't own.

All of this is too big to be some copyright troll. Seems like automatic take downs. I've heard stories about how these automatic tools take down things that they are not suppose to or things they don't own due to how flawed they are. Nothing new. I guess now people will finally understand you can't be flaunting around romites and blabbing about it on twitter or telling people where to find them outside of telling people to use their favorite search engine to find it which is super easy. In the old days that is what a lot of people did anyway with few exceptions.