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That's actually really great to hear. I look forward to seeing the results of that study.

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The abuse of AI is why it needs heady handed regulation especially in for profit applications.

The most notable use of AI I know of by name and experience is: Insitro is using AI to research drugs and medications and genetic markers for medical advancement. Aidence is being used to streamline diagnosis and radiologly research.

Currently the FDA incentivizes new discoveries and treatment so the general use of AI has been exponetinally increased in fields reguarding medial research especially in cancer and terminal or long term conditions. The availability of training data (Read: Medical patents and copyrights) and model specialization is still held back by for profit and buisness use of AI over it's use as a tool for advancement and improvement of the human condition.

Dr. Anthony Chang gave a lecture reguarding AI in the medical field in 2019 at Poznan, Poland which is a great read if you have any intrest in the ACTUAL use of AI that isn't greed goblins trying to break down the fabric of decency for profit.

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