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Re: Does anybody have the following? just read my

Posted by johngamesavior on .
Thank goodness I saved most of mine in the past and only wish I saved more but wasnt sure if they are games I really want and at the time was only downloading the games I thought were best. Welp, looks like its time to save whatever the rest this site has! its too bad the owner went chicken sht after he took the warning too seriously, I would have simply done better if I were him, RIP this unreliable site! Cursed the ESA and the whole video game industry for this.

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Hello! Sadly, I don't have any of those games, but I recommend checking out Myrient or NI-ROMs.



Additionally, a word of advice for downloading off of the IA: DO NOT try to download the torrent, in many large collections, of ROMs especially, it will be missing files.

If you want to download at a faster speed, use ADM on android devices and set the splits to 16. Use JDownloader 2 (Works on MacOS and Linux too!) or Internet Download Manager on Windows PCs.

Also consider looking at RetroROM, that project is also on the IA. It has all licenced games, bootlegs, and hacks for many consoles.

All in all, Have Fun!

Re: Does anybody have the following? just read my
MacUser2 -- 6/21/2024 3:57 pm UTC