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Posted by IlikeFruits on .
I honestly use one linux machine just for home office work: pdfs, docs, spreadsheets and a ocassional web search, that boring stuff.

I'm planning to use another machine just for learning, flatpaks apps and stuff like that from the App Store. Anything that I like and seems secure enough...

I'm just really precatious.

In reply to: Re: GNU / LINUX ANTIVIRUS? posted by Danielle on .
What do you want the antivirus to do? If you're worried about programs altering system data, run them in sandboxes or use an immutable file system. If you're worried about malicious scripts on web pages, use a script blocker like uBlock. If you're worried about the distro itself becoming compromised, then it's no less likely that the antivirus would be compromised.

That said, Comodo is free and has a Linux binary. Just be sure that you trust a third party to be constantly scanning every file you download and run. An antivirus program won't work in a sandbox, after all. It only works if you give it permission to access every file on your system and in memory at all times.

Danielle -- 6/21/2024 7:34 am UTC