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Posted by Danielle on .
As long as you're downloading executables from trusted sources like flatpak repos or the built in package manager and you're connecting to a network with a firewall (which any modern router has by default) then you're as secure as most people need to be. If you do want to scan an executable before running it you can use VirusTotal.

Flatpak also has Flatseal which lets you customize permissions for the program.

The truth is, if you're not someone who would be directly targeted by hackers (e.g. a billionaire or a politician or an investigative journalist) then common sense is the best line of defense. If you are such a high-profile target, then I would hope you could find a better place for security advice than this forum.

Keep backups, don't click random links, encrypt your hard drive, change your passwords regularly, and don't give out personal information.

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I honestly use one linux machine just for home office work: pdfs, docs, spreadsheets and a ocassional web search, that boring stuff.

I'm planning to use another machine just for learning, flatpaks apps and stuff like that from the App Store. Anything that I like and seems secure enough...

I'm just really precatious.