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Re: Does anybody have the following? just read my

Posted by MacUser2 on .
I had a more complete Sega CD collection but because I only had a Sandisk Flashdrive back then with a limited amount of space on it, I had to pick and choose which games i wanted to keep and that usually ended up being games i was currently playing at the time. In other words I would have to trade off one console's collection for another. FantasyAnime used to be my goto place for Sega CD games because it had a lot of RPGs for it as well as other Sega CD games in the Genesis list.

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Thank goodness I saved most of mine in the past and only wish I saved more but wasnt sure if they are games I really want and at the time was only downloading the games I thought were best. Welp, looks like its time to save whatever the rest this site has! its too bad the owner went chicken sht after he took the warning too seriously, I would have simply done better if I were him, RIP this unreliable site! Cursed the ESA and the whole video game industry for this.