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Re: whats the point with this page?

Posted by MacUser2 on .
What's useless are the requests for Nintendo stuff like Pokemon or Smash. Those were the ones that were taken down to begin with. You're better off asking for more obscure stuff that's worth preserving or checking out. Nintendo games like Mario or Zelda are not in danger of being completely wiped from the internet (YET) and there's still plenty of other sites to find them.

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I just don't get it with its purpose used here. What do people request on this page if it look rather useless to me? I only request whats missing but it seems like only people here would ask for unlicensed 3rd party garbage? Unless Im mistaken.

I was looking for Fighting Street for Turbo Graphics which Im sure that game won't get taken down if not published by a major company but its still originally developed by Capcom and I have already seen some of the Capcom games with big name titles like Megaman already taken down.

Re: whats the point with this page?
johngamesavior -- 6/22/2024 1:25 pm UTC
Re: whats the point with this page?
Danielle -- 6/23/2024 12:23 am UTC