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Re: 3DS roms?

Posted by MacUser2 on .
Also I'm glad I got Kingdom Hearts handheld games on GBA, DS, and 3DS for preservation sake. Those are only playable in their original forms on handheld systems. Chain of Memories was remade on PS2 to be more like KH1 and 2. The only feature i like in the remake of COM is you can now sleight cards via the Triangle button instead of using the shoulder buttons on the GBA which wore out a lot. lol 358/2 Days was turned into a cutscene movie in the collections on PS3, PS4, ect. and the original game is only on DS with the multiplayer features and the customizable keyblades. It also has a bunch of cool worlds and boss fights. Then there's ReCoded on DS which was already a port of a mobile phone game that added more gameplay and cutscenes. Storywise it's not as important as the rest of the series, but the gameplay has a lot of variety to it including a part of the game that turns into a traditional RPG. That was also turned into a cutscene movie in the collections. Dream Drop Distance was remade in the collections and has a lot of great update features but lacks the 3DS features including the 3D part of it. These are all touchscreen games to boot.

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From The ROM Depot some games are decrypted, so the'll run just fine with Citra.

Some games are still encrypted so you'll need an original 3DS to run or decrypt them, at least that's the message I got from Citra more than a few times.

I think some other safe places to get roms are Romspedia, FreeROMS and Emuparadise, haven't test it myself, but at least those names came regurarly when I'm reading some other forums or watching a TikTok or Short about retro games.