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Re: Do you know some great unknown games?

Posted by MacUser2 on .
Also if you like Dr. Mario, there's a Garfield version called Dr. Garfield. The NES version is great! lol Then there's the Game Boy version of Dr. Garfield and the Game Boy Color version called Dr. Garfield DX. First Dr. Mario on Game Boy was colorized by a rom hack and changed to Dr. Mario DX and given extra characters to play as such as Luigi, Wario, and Daisy. Then the rom hackers took that and turned it into a Garfield game. Seriously, check out some rom hacks. They are just as good if not BETTER!

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club penguin:game day wii
doshin the giant GCN
lego racers N64
vib-ribbon PSX
lego island 2:brickster's revenge PSX
spy vs spy on NES