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Re: News: June 5, 2024

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Well you can play all the roms from the Sonic Mega Collection on Kega Fusion because all the roms in it are from the Sega Genesis. There's also the Game Gear stuff from Sonic Gems and Sonic Adventure DX that you unlock. Those are all playable on Kega Fusion. Those roms also exist all over the place if you know where to look. As for the Sonic Adventure DX and Sonic Adventure 2 Battle games, those are on Steam i think? Sonic The Fighters might be on PS3/XBOX360/XBOX One? I think? Sonic R has a PC version and a Steam version so that isn't hard to track down. Sonic CD was revived by Christian Whitehead a while back and the original game was even included in the Sonic Origins collection. Also the Game Gear stuff has a lot of Master System ports that were better on the Master System and since then both fans as well as TecToy over in Brazil have been porting more Game Gear titles to the Master System. There's also the whole GG2SMS (Game Gear 2 Sega Master System) project by fans over on SMSPower's website that patches Game Gear games to play on Master System but it's a little tricky. Tails Adventure has a fan sequel called Tails Kicks Ass that is on that site too and even has a GG2SMS port.

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That's the real tragedy