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Re: For ROM/ISO collectors

Posted by MacUser2 on .
I make sure to include patches with patched roms as well as a copy of the required rom for it in the same folder in case i need to patch a different version of the rom or if i find an update patch for it. That is also where the readme for it goes. Then those folders go in the same big folder with all of my rom hacks in that series. That folder is stored in the bigger folder of different roms for that console. Sometimes I just throw all the hacks in the same folder as all the roms just to save time because some emulators don't go into all the individual folders and i'd rather just have a big list of games to play on them. Alphabetical first, then by type so folders, zip files, LunarIPS, BIN, cue, MD, SFC, ect. all get bunched together to find them quicker. Sometimes i organize them into folders too. I'll have a folder for zip files, a folder for Lunar patches, ect. Emulators are in their own folders along with the games and in order to find them quicker i just type "000" before the name of the folder to put it at the top of the list. Bios have their own folder too in the same folder as the emulator.

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How do you guys sort your ROMs or ISOs? I tend to keep them with the emulator they're meant for, but I wanna see how other people sort their things