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11000 Manuals for all

Posted by Hexenhammer on .
Someone downloaded all manuals from gamesdatabase
its 11K manuals
here is a magnet link

I wish someone will do the same with VImms Manual project, downloading one by one is a PAIN


In reply to: gaming manuals and future.. posted by Blunder on .
they didn't have to take the dam manuals, its not a game. i dont know why vimm took them down? anyone can use the dam things. oh well, we will see another site like this one rise and tell them other people working with them companies and tell them to fuck off... this is one of the better sites for all mine and millions of ppl using this site. if anyone who reads this in (developers and mods).. we need to make a site that has the same shit and make ppl show proof of there appearance. because i didnt hear one time about anyone from the gov or the major companies shutting this down like this? we need passwords and usernames for ppl using this site or existing sites if to be? anyways! i hope the team can figure out a plan soon. untill the meantime. push all the materails towards internet archiives. uploads there please.
they have a law that protects them. please send!!!! thank you..