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Re: Gawd I hate Nintendo!

Posted by IYamWhatIYam on .
I agree. Nintendo honestly should be ashamed of themselves for having garbage emulation with the Scamtendo Switch Online.

"Emulation is Preservation"

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I want to clarify about Sega here. Like 90% of what has been pulled is because said game has a remaster or remake on Steam or consoles. In direct note of THIS is that most of the games pulled for Sega is SMT content. That being said I find it ridiculous that even the Japanese ROM's are pulled. I doubt there are quite as many Japanese pulling down ROM's in this respect.
I will say I hate that they don't include the old versions in the remakes when they do this. What if someone wants to play the original version because they want to try the old style or the new ones have been tampered with/censored. Case in point the boy detective was pulled in the SMT3 Nocturne remaster while Persona 3 Reload had an entire scene modified.
Now I am unsure why Sonic R was pulled.
All this being said I could see Sega let a number of the Sonic GG games back on here in a few years but SMT may be much longer.
Frankly I am annoyed that Vimm's kept being brought up for a ROM's site on YT instead of people being told to look for it. THAT stupidity instead of keeping things quiet lead to this.
Vimm is innocent here.

Re: Gawd I hate Nintendo!
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Re: Gawd I hate Nintendo!
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