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Re: whats the point with this page?

Posted by johngamesavior on .
Im beginning to HATE this community for being not cooperative and only coming here to keep telling us to look elsewhere. Im beginning to think some people like yourself here are only around to tell people here to stop downloading from Vimm as some kind of anti-piracy? Whoever you are, Im not listening to you and Im taking everything I can that is still here before its gone and lost forever. It will be your fault because you didn't help preserve what was lost here, stupid uncooperative fool!

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The ROM Request board was intended for people to request ROMs that Vimm didn't have yet. But after the takedowns, people seem to be more interested in requesting extremely popular and common ROMs that they're afraid to Google for because they don't know how to use a virus scan or common sense.

Re: whats the point with this page?
Danielle -- 6/23/2024 12:19 am UTC