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Re: whats the point with this page?

Posted by johngamesavior on .
You people here are USELESS and all you can do is whine about the loss of this site and not help preserve the missing crap here when you could! Im sure you got some of the games here since you come to this site. I mean what would your damn reason be if you only come here hm? Telling us alternatives like risky sites we don't know or not trust. Besides, I already know a better alternative and Im not going to bring it up here to avoid losing another great perservation site because this one is already going to hell and I had enough seeing more going down and this isn't fair to all of us.Your lack of cooperating with preservation is going to kill preservation because idiots like you are doing NOTHING! Stop coming here if you have no business on this site if you are not willing to save all the games here from being deleted.Get lost!

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What's useless are the requests for Nintendo stuff like Pokemon or Smash. Those were the ones that were taken down to begin with. You're better off asking for more obscure stuff that's worth preserving or checking out. Nintendo games like Mario or Zelda are not in danger of being completely wiped from the internet (YET) and there's still plenty of other sites to find them.

Re: whats the point with this page?
Danielle -- 6/23/2024 12:23 am UTC