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Re: If it's an A.I

Posted by MacUser2 on .
I still think that Sega lied about losing the source code.

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Honestly I think the most practical uses of AI would be a few that AI can largely do only OR make some industries that currently are untenable in costs now. In the latter this is in the case of a large market fracturing so substantially the labor costs are unaffordable for the profit the product reaps. I am thinking of how the movie industry fractured in its audience when television came out then more with video games and arguably the internet. In this case I am specifically thinking of the costs of something like hand drawn animation and the large workload it requires to create enough frames. If AI was use to supplement SOME of the excess workload and labeled its use of AI that could arguably bring that market back from the dead.
For a clear use that is very much more exclusive to AI that would NOT largely replace humans like they are trying to LAZILY do, I am thinking of preserving indigenous language and rediscovering lost source code for games and programs with nVidia's GaN I think it is called. It is NOT perfect but this is what has largely prevented Panzer Dragoon Saga from being ported or remade as well as a number of others.
AI is NOT needed to use to look for cures for Cancer unless you mean they are test running synthetic versions of many plants that have come from Shamanic knowledge in the rainforrest. Running large datasets like THIS and then making giant batches of these synthetic formulations that WORK and giving NOMINAL royalties would be fantastic. This would largely cut down on Cancer deaths along with according ascriptions of preventative behaviors by doctors, including free or heavily discounted gym memberships and many other things.
If things were properly handled with Universal Healthcare anywhere you could cut the costs down to 20% or less of GDP easily, even when people get older. That includes low to NO royalty free treatments for like NINETY percent or more of treatment.