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Re: Does anybody have the following? just read my

Posted by IlikeFruits on .
I have a few of those, if you want I could create a cloud account but honestly it will be quicker if you just got them from The Rom Depot.

In reply to: Does anybody have the following? just read my list posted by johngamesavior on .
Hi. I recently found out the site no longer gives 1st party Nintendo or Sega games. Im not sure what other companies asked to take down around here. I can only think of what I want from the site that was here before. Anyway just read my list of games I should have got when it was here at the time!

New Super Mario Bros - DS

Pokemon Pearl - DS

Pokemon Heart Gold - DS

fire emblem shadow dragon - ds

fire emblem mystery of the emblem (shadow dragon 2) - ds

I do not collect Wii or Wii U games but I do plan to convert some Wii games to work on Gamecube emulator if I could find a expert who can do this but in the meantime I want

Smash Bros Brawl - Wii

Excitetruck - Wii

Pokepark 1 - Wii

Donkey Kong Returns - Wii

Kirby Returns to Dreamland - Wii

Punch Out - Wii

Metroid Other M - Wii

I already got most of the gc and n64 games in the past before this incident with Vimm but I didnt get

Pikmin 1 - gamecube

Mario Sunshine - Gamecube

Animal Crossing - Gamecube

Mario Tennis - Gamecube

Wario World - Gamecube

You could send them to me via mediafire link or dropbox link whichever works best for you.

Thats all the games I could think of for now thanks!