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Re: Phase 2: Whats next?

Posted by johngamesavior on .
How does using torrents really work? I just don't use them because I never understand them and I couldn't download them because they take FOREVER to finish! Im not sure how you people ever manage to make use of it if they don't take longer for you to download than just using a easier way to download as zip files instead? Like zip files, torrents are files too so even if Vimm uploads them here as torrent they'll end up gone the same. So the main issue is not really how the file was presented whether its visible to them or not. Torrents can't hide files because its still inside the torrent and they only take longer (at least for me) to download. Only the nature of the site owner and how they react to messages sent by the company or the ESA is really up to the owner to remove them as they are not the ones who removing them from the site.

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There are already torrents for each console.

Re: Phase 2: Whats next?
Danielle -- 6/23/2024 11:27 pm UTC