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Posted by GreyFox on .
Honestly, I'm not sure why people are freaking out so much. I think you were 100% right when you said most of the people acting like this site is dead probably just came here from a tik-tok video looking for Pokemon. You can literally find Rom's like that all over the internet in about two seconds. This site was always the spot for finding/diving into more obscure titles you'd have trouble tracking down irl, and you can still do that. F this negativity, people need to chill and get back to gaming.

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I gotta wonder if it ever did come to court then would everyone banding together and pitching in would be enough to save it? But I don't want it to get to that point. Nintendo would still be in the right to do it. I think the complainers are blowing it way out of proportion too. It's not like this never happened to any other site before. Sometimes those sites even bounce back in some way. It's not like ALL of the roms are gone from this site either, there's still good games to play. I betcha that a lot of complainers who suddenly showed up here came from watching an influencer on YouTube that gets paid to raise hell every day and complain about something. It's like those channels that have to attack Marvel and Disney every single day. Talk about sad. lol

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