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Re: Everyone should chill...

Posted by MacUser2 on .
Emuparadise used to be the first place i'd look. They had a lot of Capcom stuff. Good memories. Those was the early days of emulating for me. It's nice that Capcom is bringing those games back in collections. :D

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Well, while although I am a younger man than most people here I have been emulating games for 9 years now. I've seen the fall of Emuparadise and now Vimm with Nintendo games and you know what?

It taught me two things, one people overreact on how one ROM site is the equivalent of the library of alexandria that gets credit for giving ROMs in a convenient manner but nothing that you can't find through torrent sites or the r/roms mega thread.

The second (more important thing) is that DDL is a flawed method and always have been for years. DDL is convenient for the uneducated but its also extremely convenient for cunts like Nintendo to just flag everything down since it is all coming from one source.

This is why torrenting is superior and that's because by nature if the domain site gets taken down, there are still seeders from the tracker being active beyond the original upload. Now people obviously critique torrenting for either "lack of seeders" or more dangerous and complicated but to me it feels rooted in ignorance or lack of will. Lemme explain.

People often site lack of seeding for either because of "little ISP upload speed" or "Copyright trolls in the swarm" but then why not just get a VPN (IE. AirVpn) or if you don't wanna torrent locally, just rent out a seedbox.

Frankly I find little excuse in leeching (hitting & running) and it just seems like most people are either selfish or believe some BS like "Downloading is legal uploading isn't" or something like that.

Maybe they're just stuck in the days where Pirate Bay and uTorrent were king so when they revisit them and find out they're both crap they swear off torrenting instead of using modern alternatives like Rutracker and qBittorrent/Transmission.

Bottom line is, the library of alexandria isn't being burnt down by the Nintendo Ninjas but it is highlighting why centralized downloads are a flawed form of piracy and at that compared to the BitTorrent protocol. Of course it does suck that these games are taken down but really nothing is really lost, Vimm was just a really convenient place but that's all it was, convenient.

If we want to avoid takedowns in the future than the ROM community has to be more willing to use torrents and be active seeders at that. Not any more dangerous than DDL or USENET for that matter.